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This HATHA YOGA style is very complete. The training focuses on developing a strong personal practice implementing the ashtanga vinyasa yoga primary series Mysore Style. However, I incorporate Maty Ezraty's alignment concepts and many arm asanas completely missing from other yoga styles arising from Andrey Lappa's Universal Yoga. The training is complemented with the practice of The Dance of Shiva, also from Andrey Lappa's teachings. I call this unique fusion Infinity yoga. 

Meditation Class
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Yoga Class

Today is good! I did alive online Ashtanga enrichment class. There were poses I've never really done before. I love how I learn something new almost every time I get onto my mat. Same goes for every time I read a yoga book or listen to the lectures! 

Mandy McPhearson 200ryt - Canada - enrolled in 300hr program

Thank you for your flexibility, we are currently homeschooling our children and this is working great for me. I run two studios currently and have been teaching for over a decade. I just started the program and really enjoyed the videos on the breath, there were some things int here that I did not know yet about the functionality. I am already very glad to be part of this group.

Marc Pouw 200ryt - California - Enrolled in 300hr program